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Take part in the national preselection!


“Cast your vote!: In recent years, elections all over Europe have faced significant challenges relating to their transparency and accessibility. In view of the upcoming European Parliament elections in 2024, what measures can the EU and the Member States take to ensure higher participation of European citizens, and to increase their accessibility and their perceived legitimacy?”

I want to participate with my school, how do I do it?

To participate in the pre-selection phase, the Institute registers one or more delegations of six students: each delegation will have to draft a Motion for Resolution on a topic that changes every year. 


A jury from the Association will select the best Resolutions, inviting the author delegations to participate in the events of the European Youth Parliament and the other national committees of the European Youth Parliament Network.

For the current 2023/2024 school year the Preselection call has just opened! 
If your school is interested in participating, we warmly invite you to register!


The first step is registration. Once the interest of a sufficient number of students has been verified and the working groups within the school have been composed, the teacher in charge of the project is asked to confirm by November 6, 2023 the school's membership by registering at the link: One of the fields to fill in requires the email address of the referring teacher: it will be used only by the staff of our association in case of need and to remember deadlines.

Sending the Resolution

Sending the resolution. The proposed resolution is a paper in which the problem is examined and interventions and solutions are proposed. It consists of two parts: a first introductory part (becauseclauses), which reports the legal basis and reasons for the proposed actions, and a second part (by clauses) which presents the concrete actions to be taken to deal with the problem. The proposal must be drawn up in English according to the structure specified in the "Preselection Guide" document and using the appropriate layout (template - preselection). Reading all the documents provided is strongly recommended. The Preselection Guide contains a Topic Overview, i.e. a document outlining the proposed topic which will guide students in the preliminary phase of the research, which will in any case be expanded.

The essay must be sent to the e-mail address within and no further than 4 December 2023


Also for the 2023/2024 school year the activity carried out - both in preparation and during carrying out a PEG event - can be recognized by the students of the Institute delegation for the purposes of the "Paths for transversal skills and orientation". 

It is necessary to stipulate an agreement between the interested Institutes and our Association, the model of which is directly provided by the Association itself to the registered Institutes. The duration of the Agreement is one year from signature and remains valid for all events organized by our Association in the aforementioned period, for all students of the Institute.

Preliminary work

The Preselection phase cannot be certified due to the absence of an external tutor during the course of the work; therefore the activities will be calculated together with the first useful event in which the Institute delegation will participate: the national team in case of passing the pre-selection, another PEG event (Regional Session, EYPx, GA Day etc ...) or of Understanding Europe, in case the Institute does not pass the preliminary phase. In the latter case, the school delegation will be offered, where there is availability, the possibility of taking part in an event, thanks to which they will be able to certify the hours of presence

Counting of hours

Participating with a PCTO agreement in a National Selection Conference (NSC) means receiving a certificate with a number of hours that includes: Preselection hours + preparation hours for the national team + 8x hours (with x corresponding to the days of the NSC itself).


For further clarifications regarding the Alternanza scuola-lavoro/PCTO or to start the procedures for signing the agreement, please refer only and exclusively to the following e-mail address: For further information about Understanding Europe, please refer only and exclusively to the following e-mail address:  

Given the limited presence of the association in the southern territory in recent years, as part of the 2023/2024 preselection, a quota equal to 33% of the selected schools will be reserved for schools belonging to the regions of southern Italy and the islands, according to the division made in seat of European constituencies, i.e. Abruzzo, Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Molise, Puglia, Sicily and Sardinia

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