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By participating in one of our Sessions, you automatically become a member for the duration of one associative year. At the end of this, it is sufficient to pay the membership fee to remain part of the association and participate in all the events in Italy and Europe.

If you have never attended one of our events and are in high school, you can find out how to get involved with your institution consulting the page schools.

Don't worry if your school doesn't want to participate or if you are a university student: you can participate individually! To participate individually at one of our events just send us an e-mail attaching a motivational letter.





Every year we organise a Members' Weekend, informal events that aim to keep the friendships formed during the sessions alive and encourage the exchange of knowledge between different generations of members.

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Our members participate as volunteers in the events we organize, for this reason every year we hold training courses that prepare young people in areas ranging from facilitating debates to fundraising.



Once a year, the members meet together with the National Board in the Members' Assembly to discuss the past year's activities, those planned for the coming year and the long-term strategic direction of the Association.



EYP Italy members have the opportunity to participate as delegates or as officials in all the events organized by the EYP Network and by the various national committees. Participation opportunities are reported via the EYP Italy mailing list.


Every aspect of our events is run by young volunteers, from communicating with schools to selecting delegates.

In this way, our members have the opportunity to experience different roles with different responsibilities.

Organising Teams


The Head Organisers are responsible for the overall planning of the event. The Head Organisers are the first to be involved in the organisation of an event, and establish the venues and theme of the conference. For 6-8 months they will build a conference from the ground up. In these months, you will learn to become an expert planner, you will learn to delegate and choose what to prioritise. Fundraising and team management are an important element of being a Head Organiser of major events. Seeing such an event born, in which over 100 people participate, can be one of the most beautiful and rewarding experiences in this association.


The Organisers are the backbone of any conference, without them the other teams could not work. As an organiser, you will help the Head Organisers realize their vision for the conference. They will be responsible for sourcing food and materials, arranging the programme, venues and transfers, and communicating with delegates and other volunteers. You may have many responsibilities while being supported by the Head Organisers. As an Organiser you will collaborate closely with fellow organisers and other volunteer teams. The organising team gives you a unique insight into how EYP Italy events are organised and prepares you for organising your own events.

Facilitators - Academic Team


The President of the session is primarily responsible for overall academic quality. He is responsible for developing, planning and organising training and team building for the Academic Team. The goal is to maximise the learning experience for facilitators and students while ensuring that everyone has a good time. It may seem like a demanding job, but it can be one of the most rewarding experiences one can have in this association!


A Vice-President is responsible for guiding facilitators and supporting them through training and counseling. As Vice President, you will help the President coordinate the drafting process of the Topic Overviews, to define a training program for facilitators and to ensure that the General Assembly runs in the best possible way. As Vice-President you will have a unique overview of the session which will give you many opportunities and food for thought. You'll see different presidency and leadership styles, and learn how to teach and support your team members.


Participating as a Chairperson is your first exposure to the whole picture of the academic process. As a Chairperson, you are the main point of contact for the participants. Throughout the conference, you will guide them in crafting a resolution and be responsible for turning a group of strangers into a well-functioning team. In the course of this process, you will learn to become an expert on a given topic, become familiar with academic writing, and master group dynamics. As a Chairperson, you will be the first to witness a committee's incredible growth from strangers to best friends in just days.

It sounds like a lot, but don't worry: you won't have to face it alone. Throughout the session, you will be assisted by the President and Vice-Presidents. They will help you prepare by providing training, guide you in planning activities and be on hand to advise you throughout the session.

Media Team


The Sessions' Editor is responsible for the media output of the event. The Editor is responsible for training the members of the Media Team, the creation of articles, videos and photographs that document the event, and usually of a project (video, photographic project, website, etc.) that helps communicate the theme of the session. As Editor, you have the freedom to develop and implement your vision.


The members of the Media Team they have the task of creating memories. Under the Editor's guidance, members of the Media Team will receive media training, to be able to take photos of all attendees during the various conference events. Also, members of the Media Team often carry out a personal project during the conference, in which they may decide to focus on a given element of the conference and decide how to communicate it, often experimenting with unusual techniques and narratives.


Here you will find all the events in Europe that you can attend as a delegate,

if you are looking for your first experience in EYP look here!

If you have already participated in our events and want to contribute as a volunteer,

register your profile on our Members' Platform and take a look at the page Sessions!

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