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La sicurezza prima di tutto

Welfare & Safety

Safety and well-being in our events

The Associazione Parlamento Europeo Giovani considers of the utmost importance to ensure that its events can represent a safe and comfortable environment for the participants. 

Therefore, each event sees a series of tools and measures aimed at ensuring the serenity and safety of the work environment.

These measures see, among others, the application of international policies applied throughout the EYP Network, the presence of Event Safe Persons at each event, the presence, at National Committee level, of National Safe Persons, the signature before each event of a Code of Conduct and the presence, at a central level, of a team specialized in safety and well-being.

The international Policies

In line with the regulations of the Network of the EYP, the Association applies, in its events, a series of rules and behaviours aimed at ensuring the well-being of each participant. 

Among the measures building the system of welfare in EYP you can find the Welfare Policy and the Policy on Safeguarding Safety and Dignity in EYP, which set up a system of rules, checks and procedures available to each participant of each Network event.

These Policies, adopted jointly by all the National Committees (in the Board of National Committees) and by the Governing Body (the Network's coordination and strategic development body), are constantly updated to ensure the highest standards of safety and well-being.

Event Safe Person

As required by the Policies, each event of the Association sees the participation of Event Safe Persons (ESP). ESPs are the focal point for any questions, concerns or reports of behaviour against the Network's Policies (Welfare Policy and Policy on Safeguarding Safety and Dignity in EYP) or any other behaviour that is harmful or dangerous to participants during events.

EYP Italy will have an Event Safe Person who is present at every official event organised by EYP Italy. They are present at these events for every participant who feels the need to talk about their well-being, albeit mental or physical, after receiving specific training modules.

All matters that participants talk to the Event Safe People about will be handled discreetly and remain private.

The Event Safe People are selected for each event, and are overseen by the National Safe Persons.


If you, as a participant at an official or unofficial event of EYP Italy, would like to talk about any issues regarding your well being at or in regard to these events, do not hesitate to contact the Event Safe Person whose contact will be made available to you by the Organising Team. If you have any issues which you do not feel comfortable discussing with the Event Safe Person, you can also contact our National Safe Person.

National Safe Persons

Like any National Committee, the figure of the National Safe Person also exists for the European Youth Parliament Association. This is one or more figures who are always available for questions, doubts, concerns or reports of harmful behavior by members of the Association. In addition, it supports the National Committee and the Executive Council on security measures e welfare to be applied during events, including through the selection, guidance and training of Event Safe Persons.

The National Safe Persons are independent figures from the Steering Committee, so as to be able to guarantee impartiality and neutrality to members who feel the need to contact them.


Gloria Maria Cavalieri

Anna Montaruli

National Safe Person

National Safe Person

Gloria and Anna will serve as independent contact persons for all matters related to welfare and safety related to EYP Italy, be it at events of EYP Italy or in general. They are knowledgeable about the Welfare Policies that are currently in place and can report back to the International Safe Core Team if needed.


If something has happened to you that has impacted your well-being, be it at an event of EYP Italy, or abroad as a participant or volunteer representing EYP Italy, please feel free to contact the National Safe Persons.

Please contact Gloria and Anna if you want to know more about the Welfare Policies in place in EYP, or if you want to speak about a matter of personal welfare related to EYP at

For general inquiries, please reach the Board of EYP Italy at

The Code of Conduct

This document serves as a set of rules for events organised or hosted by the European Youth Parliament Italy. By signing up for an event of EYP Italy, participants agree with and abide by these rules. The code of conduct prohibits drug use, drinking alcohol stronger than 15%, or alcohol use under minors. It also explicitly mentions our strict attitude against bullying, intimidation or harassment.


Behaviour that is not in line with our Code of Conduct can result in reprimands, expulsion from the event at the participant’s own expense or legal action in the case of unlawful behaviour.

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