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The Advisory Board is the body which, if the Members' Assembly deems it appropriate, can be elected to support the National Board and the Assembly itself, carrying out support, consultation and consultancy roles.

The Board is made up of one to five members. In the case of a monocratic formation, it takes the name of Consultative Body.

It operates autonomously, answering for its actions solely to the Members' Assembly and exercising its prerogatives in an objective and impartial manner. The Board is guided by internal regulations, which can only be modified by the Board by a majority of its members.

In carrying out its functions, the Board:

  1. supervises compliance with the Statute and internal regulations;

  2. at the request of the National Board or just one of its members, exercises formal control over the resolutions and acts adopted by the same, expressing consultative opinions before or following their adoption;

  3. can view the company books and accounting records at any time, even requesting copies or extracts;

  4. supports the Board of Directors in carrying out its functions, in line with the internal regulations of the Association;

  5. formulates non-binding interpretative opinions of the rules contained in this Statute and in the internal regulations, or of other rules at the request of the National Board, one of its members, or at least one tenth of the Members;

  6. exercises any other function and prerogative expressly attributed by the Statute and internal regulations.

The role of member of the Advisory Board lasts two years and its renewal cannot take place in the same Members' Assembly that renews the National Board.

The Advisory Board can be contacted at



Corinna Alberti

Member of the Advisory Board


Filippo Cretti

Member of the Advisory Board


Luca Danesi

Member of the Advisory Board

Liam McCourt_IT_Editor.jpg

Liam McCourt

Member of the Advisory Board

Riccardo Rastello.jpg

Riccardo Rastello

Member of the Advisory Board

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